7 Things Not To Do When Speaking On Stage

7 Things Not To Do When Speaking On Stage

All of us at some point while speaking on a stage or presenting do things that we shouldn’t be doing. It’s very common for people who are going on a stage to speak for the first time and have to face an audience. 

Everyone gets better with experience and practice. However, there are certain things you should remember not to do while speaking on a stage. 

We’ve compiled a list of ‘Don’ts’ that you should remember and these are it – 


7 Things Not To Do While Speaking On A Stage 

Don’t Read Off Your Slides

If you’re presenting/speaking on a stage using slides, remember not to just read off the slides. Keep your slides lean and to the point. Use them as guidelines and elaborate on the points in detail. This way you get to engage the audience as well. 

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Don’t Keep Your Hands In Your Pockets

Remember to never keep your hands in your pocket. You might be extremely nervous but never keep your hands in your pockets or just stationary. Your hands are a powerful tool in drawing the attention of the audience. Use it wisely and precisely. 

You need to make sure your gestures are a natural part of talking, don’t use gestures that contradicts what you are trying to say. For instance, if you’re speaking about motivation or confidence make sure your gestures depict that. 

Don’t Avoid Eye Contact 

Like I said if you have a fear of speaking on stage or you’re getting up there for the very first time. I understand it seems intimidating but eye contact is extremely crucial when speaking on stage. 

It is the best way to engage your audience and make sure your message gets across. 

If you’re avoiding making eye contact with the audience they will lose interest in what you’re speaking about and zone out. 

Don’t Copy Somebody’s Style 

Everybody is unique. And everyone has their own unique styles of speaking. Especially on a stage. Own your style and learn to deliver by being you. This will help you be less nervous and be more real. This way you won’t have to memorize gestures and cues. 

Being authentic fosters trust and will go a long way in engaging with your audience. If they trust you, chances are they’ll be willing to follow through on your call-to-action at the end (if you have any)

Don’t Use Complex Words 

Try to keep your speech simple and precise. Using complex words makes it hard for you to remember the words and even more importantly your audience may not be able to grasp it. If at all using a complex word becomes absolutely necessary, then use them as cues – use it as cues – so that you remember your next sentence or next part of your speech. 

Don’t Run Through The Speech

When people get stressed out by speaking on stage, they tend to run through the whole to get out of there ASAP. 

Don’t be that person. Remember to breathe and take pauses. It makes your delivery more effective and gives your audience a chance to process the information. 

Don’t Be A Statue 

Move around the stage. Don’t glue yourself to one spot on the stage. Moving around helps you seem more confident and it gives you opportunities to move your arms. So if at all you’re nervous then move around the stage. I’m not advocating you run around hysterically. Make your movements natural and pace your movements. 


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