Power of Effective Listening

Power of Effective Listening

‘Power’ is defined as the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events.

A leader has the power to influence their followers to bring change. A coach has the power to guide his team towards victory. A mentor has the power to shape the future of her mentees. An advisor has the power to give advice that greatly impacts people. 

Do you aspire to be one among these and possess great power? 

Effective listening can lead you there, here’s how 

Listening enables one to know the intent of others while speaking, analyze their capability, understand their personality, assess the current scenario, and react accordingly. 

Waggl conducted a survey of more than 5,00,00 business leaders, HR leaders, and consultants in which 97% agreed that listening to their employees is critical to an organization’s success.

We consume information 4 times faster than our speech. Yet, an average person’s active listening rate is just 25% – 3 times lesser than the brain’s capacity. You just have to put conscious effort into increasing your active listening rate to put you in control of the situation. 

Stephen Covey in his book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People says, “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” Effective listening helps you understand others and influence the outcome.


Here are our 3 top powers to develop effective listening skills –  


Power of being one-notch higher than the rest

Empathy is the truest form of listening. That is listening with the intent to really understand the speaker. Our speech is the projection of who we are. So, when you give your undivided attention to the speaker, it builds rapport and trust.

Your ability to make the person understand herself better is what places you one notch higher than others.

The most essential quality of a great coach is to be a great observer and reader of the player. The power to remain one-notch higher than the rest comes to those who are willing to walk that extra mile of paying attention to detail. Be a listener that pays a little more attention – to what a person says, to the way one speaks, to the body movements, to the eyes, to the expressions, and the end message. 

Power to prevent and resolve conflicts

Misunderstandings, poor communication, a difference of opinions are the most common reasons for conflict arousal. We live in a world where everybody just wants to talk and put forth their opinion while nobody is willing to listen. Listening and understanding with empathy is what will lead you to diffuse the conflict. Empathetic listening will resolve the conflict and build trust and strengthen your relationship because you understand your counterpart.

If opinions or problems are heard at the initial stages, conflicts can be prevented. The power to prevent and resolve conflicts comes with the responsibility of focusing on We rather I.

Power to create a legacy

The ultimate power of all is the power to create a legacy and live beyond your lifetime. Every leader, mentor, and coach has a responsibility to leave behind a legacy. You create a legacy by making the world realize the power of effective listening. As your achievement lies in creating other effective listeners. Raise awareness, inform people about the benefits, and show them how to be powerful through listening.

Listen not just with your ears but also with your eyes. You will hear a lot more than what is said. 

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